Tofu Spinach Scramble With Red Potatoes

My  guest blogger Emily Rykaczewski prepared a very special recipe to help  me celebrate Spinach Day ( March 26th).

Her Tofu Spinach Scramble is the ultimate plant-based substitute for your usual egg recipe.

Having tried this recipe on numerous occasions I can honestly say it tastes as good, if not better than real eggs. It is also an amazing alternative for me because I find that, when I eat more than 2 eggs in a sitting, I suffer stomach pain the next day.

If you are in the same boat, or are just looking to eat less animals and more plants, this recipe is absolutely for you.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself to find out, you will never think of tofu the same way again.

Oh and if you are worried that soy is bad for you? It isn’t. I explain why here.

Tofu Spinach Scramble with Sweet + Red Potato Side 

By Emily Rykaczewski

Are you tried of eating the same old eggs? Are you following a plant based diet? Are you interested in trying something different for breakfast? Then check out this tofu mock “scrambled eggs”.  Through the use of fork texturing and spices a taste, consistency and colour that is suprisingly similar to real eggs is created. Tofu contains high quality protein (all 8 essential amino acids) and is rich in nutrients (iron and calcium).  Looking to amp up your greens intake? Add spinach to the cubed potatoes to get in some sneaky nutrients.


2 sweet potatoes

4 small red skinned potatoes

1 large onion

1 red bell pepper

4 mushrooms

3 handfuls of spinach

1 brick of extra firm tofu

3 tablespoon of olive oil

2 minced garlic cloves

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

½ teaspoon of cumin

¼ teaspoon of chili powder

¼ teaspoon of black pepper

¼ teaspoon of turmeric (what makes the tofu yellow!)

¼ teaspoon of paprika

A pinch of salt ( optional)


Directions (Potatoes) 

1. Chop sweet/red potatoes and large onion and mince garlic clove.

2. Heat one tbs of olive oil, garlic clove, large onion in large pan on high. Place potatoes in pan once garlic and onion become aromatic.

3. Spice mixture with ¼ tsp of black pepper and ¼ tsp of paprika.

4. Pour 3 tbs of water in pan and cover. Cook until potatoes are soft – about 8 minutes.

5. Once potatoes become soft, add 3 handfuls of spinach. Cook until spinach becomes wilted.


Directions (Tofu)

1. Drain tofu and wrap in paper towel. Place heavy object on top of tofu to drain excess liquid.

2. Chop red bell pepper and mushrooms and mince one garlic clove.

3. Heat one tbs of olive oil and garlic clove in large pan on high. Place pepper and mushrooms in pan once garlic become aromatic.

4. Season pepper and mushrooms with ¼ teaspoon of paprika and ¼ teaspoon of black pepper.

5. Sauté until soft.

6. Unwrap tofu and mash with fork until chunky “scrambled egg” pieces appear

7. Remove pepper and mushrooms from pan and place to the side.

8. Put one tbs of olive oil and tofu into pan.

9. Mix ½ tsp garlic powder, ½ tsp cumin, ¼ chili powder, ¼ turmeric in bowl. Add water until a liquid consistency.

10. Pour spice mix onto tofu and mix until incorporated.

11. Add bell pepper and mushrooms back into pan.



There you have it folks! The ultimate egg-replacement recipe and quite honestly one of the healthiest, most delicious recipes you will ever come across. Trust me, you won’t miss real eggs after trying this.


Andy De Santis RD MPH