The Six Best Pieces Of Weight Loss Advice That You’ve Never Heard Before… But You Should Have

Let’s face it.. there is an exorbitant amount of weight loss content out there and most of it is just a regurgitation of the same old “conventional” stuff you’ve already heard.

Either that or it’s just plain old bad advice.

This is especially true around the holiday season, where interest in this topic tends to sky rocket due to resolutions being made for the new year.

Guess what though? The same old advice tends not to work for everybody.

What makes it worse? Much of the content out there just don’t have your best interests in mind, which is why there is usually some sort of product or powder for sale.

Not to worry though, because I do have your best interests in mind and I am here today to set the record straight and bring to the table some weight loss guidance that may seem unusual in the context of all the weird information you find online.

The Six Pieces Of Weight Loss Advice You’ve Never Heard Before… But You Should Have

1. Eat all the fruit you want: Say what?! Despite what you’ve heard, the sugars found in fruit are not the cause of weight issues in this nation. The average serving of fruit ( 1 medium fruit or 1/2 cup) contains a mere 75 calories, so please don’t be afraid to eat multiple a day. Fruit is loaded  with of fibre ( which helps keep you feeling full) and the natural sweetness is enough to help many people keep any potential sweet cravings at bay. Fruit works really well as a post meal dessert, or a snack inbetween meals coupled with a handful of nuts or seeds. For all you literalists out there, no I’m not saying eating 10 fruits a day is the key to weight loss, but moderate fruit intake is a fundamental component of effective and balanced weight management initiatives.

2. But avoid those boutique juices and smoothies: Gasp… who would have thought that those $8 cold pressed juices  or detox blends aren’t actually the solution to any of your weight woes. Eating fruit in its natural form takes time and is satiating. However, when you juice multiple pieces of fruit you are left with a drink that could ultimately have multiple times the calories and be downed in seconds without keeping you feeling nearly as full ( because fluids do not satiate as well as solids do). So please don’t buy into the idea that blended drinks or smoothies are an integral part of losing weight.

3. Skip the excessive extra protein: Yes protein keeps you feeling full but it still has calories and you can’t have all that you want when you are trying to lose weight. Another shocker right?  We all are so trained to believe protein is king, mostly because of all the money to be made in the supplement industry ( bars, powders, etc).  Don’t get me wrong, adequate protein intake is a fundamental component of a healthy diet. Going overboard on protein bars and powders, however, is not.  Unless you are a high level athlete or you are doing something very wrong with your diet, there is almost no chance you don’t get enough protein. This means that the extra protein bar or shake you are having during the day is probably just extra calories that you don’t really need and may ultimately end up compromising your weight loss goals.

4. Have a tofu steak instead of a t-bone: Soy what?!  The notion that tofu negatively impacts your health is one of the biggest health myths out there. In fact, tofu steak comes in at a fraction of the calories ( and cholesterol and saturated fat too) of your average T-bone steak and while soy certainly won’t kill you, it will help you better manage both your weight and blood cholesterol levels in the long run.  Never had a tofu steak before? Check out the recipe here.

5. Pass on the extra olive oil: You’ve probably heard that olive oil is the best thing since sliced bread, but I’m here to tell you to be a bit wary. Yes it contains heart healthy monounsaturated fats , but so do almonds and avocado which contain more essential nutrients and fibre ( meaning they help keep you fuller, longer).  Keep in mind that a single tbsp of olive oil ( how many of you actually measure how much you use?) contains a similar amount of calories to 1/2 an avocado or 1/4 cup of nuts. It’s very easy to use liberal amounts of oil during food preparation, which is part of the reason why oil is, statistically speaking, one of the top sources of calories that people ingest from non-food group foods. Keep it to no more than 2-3 tbsp total daily and rely primarily on satiating, nutrient-dense whole foods for your healthy fats.

6. Pop Some Corn: Many of us out there have a weakness for chips ( this is supported by Health Canada Data!). Don’t worry.. I do too! Unfortunately chips end up containing a significant amount of calories, primarily due to their fat content. Don’t sweat it though, because I have the solution. Air popped popcorn ( invest in an air popper!) contains a fraction of the calories of chips for the same serving size, way more fibre and is still a very fun food. You can eat tons of this stuff for very little calories and the fibre will help keep you feeling satisfied, which is just what you need when you’re trying to control your weight.

There you have it folks! The hottest weight loss of advice that most people aren’t telling you.

I know some of you may struggle to come to terms with some of the knowledge I’ve dropped today but please do keep in mind this article is not about the ultimate weight loss advice, rather it’s about the best weight loss advice you’ve NEVER heard before.

Until now.

Until next time,

Andy De Santis RD MPH