To My Future Clients – Work With Me Remotely!

In light of the global public health crisis that is COVID-19 , and with the best interests of my community in mind, I am making every effort to shift as much of my private practice as possible online.

Appointments would take place through a secure and easy to navigate video/audio communication software specifically designed for use in Telehealth.

In order to support the launch of this initiative, I’ve created a new 6-week program that includes an initial assessment and weekly follow ups at the cost of $500.

This program is suitable for a wide variety of nutrition-related goals, take a look at the services section of my website for more information on the types of clients I work with.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out either by phone or e-mail if you have further questions about working with me remotely ( including regarding insurance coverage).

I am also in regular communication with my current clients to offer them these same remote access options, and if you are among that group and have not heard from me yet – know that I haven’t forgotten about you and I am sending personalized communications to each of you as your next appointment date nears.

Be well everyone,

Andy De Santis RD MPH



A Special Message To  My Colleagues – You Can Work With Me Too!

My Kaleigraphy service is a one-on-one nutrition writers course to improve the content, quality and creativity of your writing and to help you develop your blog portfolio to attract clients, opportunities and publishers.