My Views On Intermittent Fasting [Video & Written]

Intermittent Fasting, as established by a survey of dietitians, has officially surpassed the keto diet as the most popular “diet trend” of the last two years. Here’s what I have to say about it:       Want more science and less opinion? Check below: Curious About Intermittent Fasting? Read

Curious About Intermittent Fasting? Read This Post

According to a survey of over 1,000 dietitians carried out by Today’s Dietitian and Pollock Communications, intermittent fasting has “officially” surpassed the keto diet as the most popular diet trend. I suppose it’s not hard to see why, given that IF does not, by definition, rule out any specific types

Can Intermittent Fasting Alter Your Genetics?

While it certainly won’t make you any taller, is there a possibility that intermittent fasting can change the way some of your genes are expressed? It might. I’ve made no secret of my personal and professional curiosity with intermittent fasting, having written on the topic previously on numerous occasions. I

Can Intermittent Fasting Reduce Insulin Resistance?

Early Time Restricted Feeding, henceforth referred to as ETRF, is a unique style of intermittent fasting where an individual is meant to consume most of their calories in the first few waking hours of the day. I’ve decided to explore this topic more closely because although it does not appeal

Intermittent Fasting: Are There Any Benefits?

The potential health benefits associated with intermittent fasting continue to be a topic of great interest to myself, my clients and the public at large. Brought to the forefront once again via a familiar celebrity’s latest pseudo-scientific book on “Intuitive Fasting” – it’s time to come back down to earth

Metabolic Effects Of Intermittent Fasting: Are There Any?

Intermittent fasting remains one of the hottest and most intriguing topics in contemporary nutrition. It’s something that comes up often in both my daily  and professional life, while also happening to be something I’ve already written about more than once in the past. In case you missed them, I’ve previously

Intermittent Fasting: Will It Help You Lose Weight?

Although the act of fasting ( going for an extended period of time without food and/or drink) is essentially an ancient phenomenon, it is starting to gain a whole lot of attention these days as a trendy weight loss strategy. You guys know how much I love to comment on