Are you ready to fight back against fatty liver disease,
insulin resistance and inflammation?

In my fatty liver video course and private community I guide people just like you on their journey to fight back against fatty liver using the power of food and nutrition.

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Have only just watched a few of the module videos so far and all I can say is WOW!!  (Actually who are we kidding, I can say way more than a three letter word!). What I have watched so far is amazing!~ LG
"I have benefited from your advice tremendously and appreciate your help throughout my journey to get better. I had my liver fibrosis test recently and I was very happy with the result, I am very close to normal now so I liked to share this information with you!" ~ BL
I'm in unit 6.2 of the course, where you're driving home the point of weight loss not being the be-all/end-all and it's SO REFRESHING to hear after my hepatologist did nothing but harp on weight loss, a 1200kcal diet, ozempic (which my GI and I said "absolutely not" to), and bariatric surgery. Thankfully, my background and I know better and I have better resources at hand (hi). But...WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T? 😳 You're out here doing the lord's work lol ~ JS