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There are more vegans and vegetarians today than ever before. Are you thinking of going vegan? Is your child? When done correctly, this eating style tends to be associated with a reduced risk of disease, better health outcomes and lower body weight. Being a truly healthy vegan, however, requires more than just giving up animal products. Vegans need an above average understanding of nutrients and dietary balance to ensure they don’t miss out on anything. Fortunately, I can help.

General Health, Happiness, Energy & Vitality

Many of my clients care about the way they eat and how they feel but don’t have any super specific goals related to food, besides to eat as well, and feel as well as possible. They prefer to exclude weight from the conversation, which I fully support. I’m happy to take a look at the way you eat, how you think and feel about food, and help you towards a better overall dietary pattern which will improve your health and happiness in the long term.

Sports, Muscle, Macros & Meal Plans

Do you workout? Play a sport? Want to optimize your performance? Gain some muscle? Maybe you are you the type of person who likes to experiment with trends like intermittent fasting or have a customized plan so you know how many calories and how much protein you are eating on a daily basis? Don’t worry, I get you, and I work with people like you all the time.

Chronic Disease Prevention & Management

Has your doctor just let you know that your blood sugar, blood pressure or blood cholesterol has become a concern? The bad news is that any of the above can increase your risk of disease and lower your quality of life. The good news? In many cases, these problems can be managed through dietary change. Let me help!

Couples Nutrition

One of the predictors of successful behaviour change is sharing your goals with those closest to you. Having the support of loved ones, including when pursuing goals together, is something I love to see. If you and your partner are in this together, I am happy to help guide you to where you want to be.


Do you have a picky teenager who is tired of hearing you nag them about how they eat? That’s where I come in. I work with a lot of teens and pre-teens in a fun, lighthearted way to help them understand how easy it can be to change the way they look at food and nutrition.

Weight Management

Tired of spending a fortune on gimmicky weight loss programs that try to jam you into a pre-existing plan that does not take into account who you are and how you live? I pride my self on providing my clients with customized care at affordable prices. No weird gimmicks or unsustainable strategies required.

Don't follow the herd

I am a registered dietitian (RD), author and experienced healthcare professional

Initial assesment and action plan
Initial Assessment


The initial assessment involves a thorough review of your health status, diet history and personal nutrition or weight loss goals in order to help formulate an action plan that will begin to address your needs. The initial assessment, available both in-person or online via Zoom, is the crucial first step towards reaching your goals. Subsequent follow-ups are $82.50 and are utilized for accountability, addressing new issues and questions as they emerge as well as updating and evolving the original action plan. I generally like to meet with clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to start and expand from there. If you are ready to get started, you can book your initial today!

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Action plan follow up
Premium Nutrition Coaching


If greater accountability, accessibility and more frequent meetings and commmunication with me is the what you are looking for, my premium nutrition coaching program may be a better fit. If you have a great deal of natural curiosity and enjoy regular high level conversation about nutrition and nutritions science, this more robust way of working with me is a great choice. This coaching program is suitable to help with any health or nutrition concerns you are looking to work on and the price will vary depending on the exact extent of support and meeting frequency you are looking for. Book an intro call with me to learn more!

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Have a question about my services? Do not hesitate to contact me for clarification. Appointments take place either at my midtown Toronto office or online via Skype. Please keep in mind that services provided by a registered dietitian are often covered under your personal or corporate extended insurance benefits plan. You will be provided a receipt after each appointment which can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement purposes. If you are unsure as to whether or not you covered, take a close look at your plan or reach out to your benefits manager for confirmation. You may also be covered under the plan of your spouse or parent.

Additional Services

I also offer a variety of other professional services
Please contact me for more details

Freelance Writing
Freelance Writing

I've been blogging for five years,  featured on a variety of online and print platforms and published three books so far.


Need to interview someone for their expert opinion, or have someone come in to share their thoughts on a hot nutrition topic? I'm the guy.

Public Speaking or Corporate Wellness

I am a charismatic health communicator who has spoken at businesses across the city can effectively relay nutrition information to diverse corporate audiences.

Have you heard

Reducing caloric intake by about 500 calories a day will result in a weight loss of 1 pound per week in most people.