Hi! My name is Andy De Santis
I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) and published author who helps people use food to solve a wide variety of issues and achieve a greater state of health by improving the way they eat on their own terms.

about andy


Don’t follow the herd

I offer 100% personalized nutrition guidance tailored to your life.

Weight Management

Weight Loss

The 100% personalized guidance and support of a registered dietitian can go a long way to helping you reach your long-term weight goals.

General Healthy Eating

General Healthy Eating

Latest doctor appointment have you worried? Not eating as well as you could be? Let me help you take your diet to the next level.

Sports Nutrition

Muscle/Weight Gain

Just started working out? Tons of my clients are pursuing muscle gain,  let me help guide you on your own path to that goal.

Have you heard

Many Canadian’s report resorting to ineffective “quick fix” dietary strategies such as restrictive dieting, meal replacement bars and shakes or weight loss supplements.

What's the good word

Insightful nutrition content written by yours truly.

To My Clients – You Can Work With Me Online!

In light of the global public health crisis that is COVID-19 , and with the best interests of my com

My Top 5 Ways To Fight Back Against Acid Reflux

As I’m sure you all realize by now, the promotion of my brand new Acid Reflux Cookbook is now

What Does Fairtrade REALLY Mean?

I know a heck of a lot about the scientific aspects of the world of food and nutrition, but admitted

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