Kaleigraphy allows you to work with me, one-on-one from anywhere in the world, to create high quality written ( and/or social media) content for your platform.

Some of you may know by now that I have started a blogging and social media consulting service known as Kaleigraphy.

In case it was not abundantly clear,  the name “stems” from both Kale (my favourite food, representing health) and Calligraphy ( representing the creative/writing component).

Kaleigraphy allows you to work with me, one-on-one from anywhere in the world, to create high quality written ( and/or social media) content for your platform.

Whether you are an RD2BE, intern or season professional, it can be daunting to attempt to break into the online writing space.

But the only thing more daunting than doing so is trying to establish your brand in a competitive space without a strong online presence.

That’s where my platform and expertise come in. The informational video on the right, will offer you a bit more detail on how the process can work.

Want to learn more?

It all starts with a text, call or e-mail so reach out if you want to get started.

So Why Should You Even Bother Blogging?

If becoming a more informed professional, growing your brand and business, making more money and ranking your website more highly on google don't appeal to you, then you definitely should not bother with my service!

If they do sound appealing to you, however, then breaking into the blogging space is an amazing and enjoyable to way to achieve those goals.

Everyone knows how strongly I believe in the power of writing for business, personal and professional growth and if you want to learn more about why that is I encourage you to read my previous post on the subject.

Kaleigraphy Cient Success Stories

The proof is in the kale pudding, as they say.

In the section below you will find a sampling of the work of my Kaleigraphy clients.
They come from all over the world, different healthcare professions and different career stages but the end result is the same:

High quality content educational content that gets a lot of clicks.

Rebecca Pumphrey
Canada – Dietetic Intern

The Journey Of a Dietetic Intern

Dr Donald Littlewood
Canada – Chiropractor

Texting Is Ruining Your Posture: Here’s How To Fix It

Holly Forbes
USA – Dietetic Intern

What’s It Like Being A Dietetic Intern?

Kat Hillier
Canada – Dietetic Intern

10 Tips To Make Your Internship Application Stand Out

The Power Of Kaleigraphy

The hardest part of brand building and creating an identity as a competent healthcare professional in the competitive online space, aside from curating high quality content, is promoting and drawing eyes to that content.

It took me 3+ years to get to where I am now and build a reliable audience of loyal readers who appreciate and look to my work.

When you work with me, you get the advantage of my insights and expertise, but perhaps more importantly, the advantage of promotion through my platform.

As you can see below as an exceptional example, Rebecca got 2,750 views on a blog post of hers that we worked together on and I promoted through my channels.

It took me over 6 months to get this many TOTAL views on my website when I first started.

Ready To Get Started?

I started Kaleigraphy because I love the art of health writing and helping others create content they can be proud of.

It is meant to be an affordable and accessible service, and I encourage you to reach out to me via e-mail at andy@andytherd.com or iMessage 1-647-886-2197 and let’s set up a time to chat and discuss where Kaleigraphy can take you.

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