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My 7-day menu meal plans are an affordable alternative to help get you started on the path towards weight loss and healthy eating if you aren't ready to see me.


Each pre-made meal plan is customized based on gender, age and activity level.


I appreciate that not everyone who visits my site is in a position to see me 1-on-1.


Each meal plan is balanced across each of the food groups to ensure adequacy.


The section below will help address any questions or concerns you may have.

What are these plans all about? How do they compare to seeing you 1-on-1?

Each meal plan includes a healthy, balanced omnivorous 7-day menu consisting of three meals and two snacks daily. I have created these meal plans with the intention of accommodating as many people as possible, but nothing can come close to replacing the 100% personalized guidance you would receive in an appointment with me. The meal plans offer an initial affordable alternative for those who are seeking to get started on the road towards healthy eating and weight loss but may not be in the position to see me 1-on-1.

The meal plans are pre-made but customized based on gender, age and activity level with the intention of supporting weight loss in as many people as possible. The reality is, however, that there are a variety of other individual factors which will play a role in determining just how effective these plans are for you.

Am I a good candidate to try these meal plans?

Following a meal plan isn't for everyone. These meal plans will be best utilized by someone who wants to be told precisely what, when and how much to eat. If this does not sound like you, a structured meal plan approach is probably not your best option. I made these meal plans specifically to accommodate those of you out there who want some structure to kick start your weight loss and healthy eating goals, but may not be in a financial position to see me 1-on-1.

These meal plans contain a diverse array of foods from the different food groups including whole grains, dairy & dairy alternatives, meat & meat alternatives and an ample amount of fruits and vegetables. If your diet requires exclusion of certain food groups ( ie: vegan) this current set of plans will not be suitable for you.

The plans have a certain degree of variety worked into them and also offer some free meals and some choice to give the user a greater feeling of control.

The plans will teach you what a healthy and balanced week of eating looks like and, if followed diligently, should help support weight loss in many of the people who use them.

Those who are comfortable preparing the majority of their own meals, enjoy eating a variety of healthy whole foods, and who do not eat out or drink alcoholic beverages more than a few times a week will have the most success with these plans.

Who should avoid using these meal plans?

These weight loss meal plans are not intended for use by individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Although each plan contain a weeks worth of healthy and balanced eating that is suitable for just about anyone, those living with conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or IBS may require more specifically customized nutrition guidance. It goes without saying that if you have an allergy or intolerance or any other reason to avoid specific foods, you should continue to do so on these plans.

The meal plans will also not likely to be an effective solution for individuals with very specific dietary requirements, who out several times a week and those who are not interested in following a structured eating plan for the majority of their meals.

How did you develop the meal plans?

I decided to create these meal plans to offer an affordable and structured weight loss solution to those who just may not be able to afford to see a registered dietitian. The plans were developed using Health Canada data to help roughly approximate the level of calories , on average, a person of a given gender, age range and activity level should consume to support a modest and gradual weight loss. Each individual is so different ( which is why 100% personalized guidance is always best) but these meal plans are the closest thing to a weight loss & healthy eating solution that I can offer without creating 100% personalized content, which would obviously be more precise but also much more costly. Keep in mind that, due to individual variation, different people will experience different results using these plans.

Each meal plan consists of 7-days of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

* The meal plans are designed to ensure adequacy across all vitamins and minerals and to promote optimal health.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

The amount of weight that one can expect to lose on these plans will vary from person to person based on their individual characteristics and also based on how diligently they follow the plans. The "average" person in any given gender,age and activity level could expect to lose up to 1 lb a week when following the plan closely. This is considered a safe, healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss.

Depending on a variety of personal factors, you may lose more or less weight.

If you are following the plan diligently, but struggling to lose weight, you can get in touch with me to discuss some quick modifications to your particular plan that should help you going forward.

What does each meal plan include?

Each meal plan includes 7-days' worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as well as additional instructions on how to best use and follow the plan.

You will find a diverse array of foods from each of the different food groups worked into the plan. Each day, meal, and snack are similar from a caloric perspective, so if there is a particular day, meal, or snack you like more than the others, you can sub it in more frequently. I have tried to incorporate a good degree of variability and choice so that the plans would not feel too repetitive. The ultimate goal, however, is not to follow the meal plans for the rest of your life, rather to use them as a learning tool to better understand the types and amounts of foods you should be eating to reach your goals.

Are the meal plans restrictive?

I developed the meal plans to include a variety of healthy, delicious and enjoyable food combinations.

Most of the meal plans incorporate some degree of choice at certain meals/snacks throughout the day and also include at least 1-2 "free meals" a week, which can be used to eat out within certain calorie limits. If you enjoy certain days, meals, or snacks more than others, you can interchange them and eat those particularly meals more frequently.

With that being said, if you are used to frequently eating treats, deserts and eating out, then the meal plans may seem restrictive at first. Once again, these meal plans are best suited for individuals who are ready and willing to follow a structured approach to eating and do not mind being told what and how much to eat.

What other benefits do the meal plans offer?

The primary intention of these meal plans is offer you an affordable and structured way to kick start healthy & weight loss if seeing a me 1-on-1 is not currently a practical option for you .

Meal plans are not for everyone, but If you give them a chance you will find that these meal plans also act as a valuable teaching tool. They will help to show you what it means to eat a balanced and nutritionally adequate diet on a daily basis, and this is knowledge that you can carry forward with you.

Strictly speaking, following a regimented meal plan is not a practical long-term weight loss solution for most people, but the more time you spend following the plan, the more you will learn about what it means to eat well.

Ultimately, you will be able to incorporate this understanding into your daily eating practices in a way that works best for you.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact me.

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Each plan is customized to best fit your needs.





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Disclaimer: These meal plans are designed to help kick start your path towards weight loss and healthy eating. Results are not typical and will be based on a adherence and adaptation to the plan in the short and long-term as well as a variety of other individual factors. These plans should not replace the guidance of your health care provider. If you have a health condition or unsure if foods included in this plan are suitable for you to consume, consult your healthcare provider before moving forward.
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