Hi! My name is Andy De Santis
and I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) who
specializes in helping people achieve
a greater state of health by improving
the way they eat.

about andy


Don’t follow the herd

One-on-one consultations are available for
a variety of different conditions and health goals.

Weight Management

Weight Loss

The 100% personalized guidance and support of a registered dietitian can go a long way to helping you reach your long-term weight goals.

General Healthy Eating

General Healthy Eating

Do you feel your current eating pattern is not as good as it could be? Let me help you take your diet to the next level.

Sports Nutrition

Muscle/Weight Gain

Not everybody is trying to lose weight, and I appreciate that. Let me help guide you on your path to gaining weight/muscle.

Have you heard

The number of Canadians with preventable conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure has been increasing for the past 5 years

What's the good word

Insightful nutrition content written by yours truly.

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In Defense Of Canada’s Food Guide: What I Like And What I Would Change

I have found that in discussions with colleagues and other healthcare professionals that there is a

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