Nutrition For PCOS – The Best Foods & Supplements

Having spent a great deal of time recently researching and writing on all things nutrition for PCOS, I’ve ultimately decided to put all of my best PCOS content in one place in order to make it easier to access. Each of the blog posts below will offer unique insights into

PCOS – Which Micronutrients Do You Need More Of?

Today’s article is my fourth in a comprehensive series on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which has previously included discussions on: Supplements For PCOS PCOS and Soy-based Foods Probiotics and PCOS Each of those articles can be accessed individually via this link. For this particular piece, I turn my attention specifically to

Which Supplements Are Best For Women With PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a complex condition that affects up to 10% of women in North America. Its characterization varies but could include excessive amounts of male sex hormones ( androgens),  disrupted periods and cysts on the ovaries. PCOS is a leading cause of fertility issues in women and, in

Will A Probiotic Supplement Help With PCOS?

Probiotic supplements are among the most popular and widely selling on the market due in part to the ever growing scientific fascination with gut health that continues to capture consumer attention the world over. Having reviewed the data about their potential uses at length in a previous article, I appreciate

Soy Intake For Women With PCOS – Hurt Or Help?

Having previously discussed the generally positive effects of soy intake across a broad range of health outcomes, I came to the realization that there was perhaps one very important condition that I left out – PCOS. PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in full, may affect up to 1 in 10

Will Ashwagandha Improve Your Mental Health?

Ashwagandha, also referred to as Withania somnifera, is a plant species that is perhaps best known for its use as herbal remedy in Ayuverdic medicine. It’s something that has been on my radar for a while and certainly has come up in conversation over the years in various capacities. One

The Best Supplements For Migraine – Part I

Today represents the first in a multi-part exploration of the connection between diet, supplementation and migraine. Before we get to the good stuff I must note that today’s article is the direct result of the work of my research assistant Huda Fareed (research) and my Kaleigraphy writing intern Kat Durtson

Supplements For Hypothyroidism – Do Any Work?

I have to start by apologizing for taking this long to write on a topic that is of great interest to my client base and the public at large – hypothyroidism. In 2018 the hypothyroid medication Synthroid (levothyroxine)  was, by a significant margin, the most dispensed medication in Canadian pharmacies. Health

Endometriosis & Your Diet – Which Foods Help?

March was indeed Nutrition Month but it was also Endometriosis Awareness Month, and fact which I unfortunately seemed to have overlooked. In fact, endometriosis is a topic which I’ve not yet given proper attention to on the blog yet. I hope to make up for that today, however. Endometriosis affects

The Best Foods For Female Fertility

The topic of female fertility is a complex one, and dietary choices are one of only a number of relevant considerations that can be intervened upon to enhance the likelihood of conception. Given that a number of my clients are increasingly curious about this topic, the only logical course of