The Top 5 Foods Rich in both Fibre AND Potassium ( because you probably need more of BOTH!)

Fibre and Potassium are two of the most well recognized problem nutrients in the North American population because they are very easy to under consume in an unbalanced dietary pattern.

Long story short, the diet of the average North American leaves them short of their fibre and potassium requirements. 

With that in mind, the goal of today’s article is to provide you a list of highly accessible, affordable and available foods that happen to be rich in BOTH, meaning that you can fix any potential fibre and potassium woes simply by regularly incorporating these foods into your rotation ( if you don’t already).

Let’s first review some of the important roles and functions these important nutrients: 

Fibre: Digestive health, bowel regularity, cholesterol and blood glucose control, appetite control. 

Potassium: Bone and kidney health, blood pressure control, fluid control in the body ,nerve and muscle function ( cramp prevention).

Top 5 Sources of both Potassium AND Fibre

1.  Beans/Chickpeas/Lentils:  We all love meat, but even the most avid meat enthusiasts can go without an animal source of protein a few times a week. If you are new to these foods, start with lentils as I believe they are the most palatable for beginners. 

2. Avocado: These little green bundles of joy have become increasingly popular foods and are most often recognized for their rich content of heart healthy fats. What you may not know, however, is they are also extraordinarily rich in both fibre and potassium. If you already consume avocados, give yourself a pat on the back and if you don’t, what are you waiting for? 

3 Bananas:   Anyone who knows me knows how big of a fan I am of bananas. They are nutritious, affordable, accessible and easy to eat anywhere. From a public health perspective, I believe they are one of the most important and relevant foods for our population to consume on a regular basis as they are rich in both potassium and fibre.  

4 All Bran Cereal:  Are you a cereal fanatic? You are in luck because All Bran cereal happens to be one of the best dual sources of potassium and fibre known to man and it tastes pretty good too!

5. Potato with the skin:  When you eat a potato WITH its skin, you are eating an affordable and easy to prepare food that happens to be one of the best dual sources of potassium and fibre available to the North American population.

Very honourable mentions:   whole grains (oatmeal, quinoa), leafy green vegetables ( chard, kale, spinach) nuts and seeds ( almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds). 

There you have it folks. There is a decent chance you don’t get enough of both potassium and fibre in your diet and you are not as healthy as you could be as a result. The good news is you now know exactly how to remedy the issue, so get after it!

Until next time, Eat Up!


Andy De Santis RD MPH