My Top 5 Quick n’ Easy Post-Run Snacks

I am writing today’s article for two reasons:

1. It seems like more and more  people are into running

2. Many people who run want to know what to eat after they run

I am going to keep it very simple today and operate under the assumption that you want a snack that is healthy, conducive to good recovery and also able to be prepared in no more than a minute or two.

My Top 5 Post-Run Snacks 

Amounts will vary based on the individual and other contextual factors 

1.  Chocolate Milk + Banana:   Protein, carbohydrates, electrolytes and a ton of vitamins/minerals with absolutely no preparation time. What else could you ask for post-run?

2. Milk + Cereal or Oatmeal or Granola Bar:   Your favourite cereal , granola bar or a bowl of oatmeal prepared with milk ( or soy milk) is an ideal post workout snack.

3. Greek Yogurt with Berries:  Greek yogurt with berries ( or any type of fruit) is a quick , easy and balanced snack. You could also just have a sweetened variety of Greek yogurt instead, but fruit is preferably.

4. Whole Grain Toast with eggs OR tuna OR hummus OR peanut butter:  The options are limitless and provide everything you need for post-run recovery. 

5.  Fruit and Nuts/Seeds:  For me, this is the ultimate healthy snack but may lack a bit in the protein department. Choose this one if you know you will be having a protein rich meal shortly after.  

There you have it folks, nothing earth shattering but each of these five snacks will do the trick for you post-run.


Andy De Santis RD MPH