Plant-Based Tempeh Tacos ( Vegan + Gluten Free Recipe)

When I started my student blogging program last month, I extended the invitation to a few participants who attended my former university ( Ryerson). Recently, an american dietetics student (Mandy Mindin) reached out to me via social and asked to join the initiative.

Mandy is a senior year dietetic’s student currently pursuing designations as a dietitian and  MS degree. Her passions are plant-based nutrition and the role of food as medicine.

When you see the awesome recipe she came up with for her first post, you will understand why I could hardly refuse her offer! 

Plant-Based Tempeh Tacos

by Mandy Mindin

For everyone out there who thought that a delicious taco needed to have meat in it, this one is for you!  

What is Tempeh?
Tempeh is a fermented soybean similar to tofu, but more versatile.  It is a great source of fibre and protein and, unlike other fermented soy products, is exceptionally low in sodium. It is also a great source of potassium, making it an excellent heart healthy meat-alternative.

You may also be surprised to know that tempeh is source of probiotics, which are microorganisms ( healthy bacteria) that can provide multiple benefits to our gastrointestinal system when consumed.  

How do I use tempeh?*

I enjoy using tempeh as a substitute for meat in tacos, however there are a multitude of possibilities to include tempeh within meals. It is easy, versatile and fun to cook with because it absorbs other flavors quickly and can be crumbled, sliced or cubed.

Try incorporating it within a chili, stir fry, soup, salad or sandwich as well. The possibilities are endless and the flavor is irresistible, bon appetite! 

Now let’s take a look at my Tempeh Taco! 


Yields 4 tacos 

½ package [ 4oz] tempeh

4 corn tortillas

 2 oz guacamole 

½ red bell pepper, sliced

½ red onion, diced

2 TB coconut oil

1 tsp garlic, mince

1 oz salsa – optional


1. Place 1 TB coconut oil and 1 tsp minced garlic in pan over medium heat, once coconut oil is melted add diced red onion to the pan and sauté until onions are translucent [approximately 3-4 minutes] Remove from heat.

2. Place 1 TB coconut oil in a separate pan over medium heat, once coconut oil is melted add ½ package of tempeh to the pan and coat both sides. Sauté tempeh until golden brown on both sides, approximately 8 minutes [4 minutes on each side].  

3.   Wash off and slice ½ of the red bell pepper and set aside.

4.  Spread 1 TB of guacamole all over the corn tortilla shell.

5.  Place 2-3 slices of sautéed tempeh in the middle of the tortilla.

6.  Place 3-4 slices of the red bell pepper next to the tempeh and 1 TB of sautéed red onion on top. Roll up tortilla and enjoy! 

7.  Optional: add salsa on top of onion for additional flavoring and spice.

Special thanks to Mandy for this awesome first contribution and I hope you guys give this a shot.


Andy De Santis RD MPH


* For those that don’t know, Tempeh can be purchased in a variety of grocery stores, located in the refrigerated section near the meat substitute products.