3 Tricks To Help You Eat Less At Holiday Dinners

Many people I encounter seem to be quite concerned that the upcoming holiday dinner season will severely compromise their weight management and healthy eating goals.

I appreciate these concerns and so if you are one of those people, today’s article is for you.

Here are my 3 tricks to help you eat less at holiday dinners:

1. Eat a Nice Healthy Lunch:  A lot of people employ the strategy of skipping meals before big dinners in the hopes that will free them up with “extra calories”. This is a bad idea for a few reasons. First of all, the foods offered at dinner are more likely to be calorie rich ( as holiday foods generally are) and if you come into the meal famished, there is always a chance you may over consume and eat a far greater calorie total. A smart approach is to come into a meal well fed , like you would any other day, so that you are able to make sound choices.

2. Start with A Soup (if possible):  When it comes time to sit down to dinner , I recommend starting with a broth-based soup whenever possible. If you have control over what is being served, I would recommend suggesting this option. Soups of this kind are generally low in calories and because of the high fluid volume will help provide you some fullness which may help regulate your consumption over the rest of the evening.

3. Eat Veggies before Meat/Starches:  So often people do not prioritize vegetables at meals, and this trend often carries over to special events as well.  I highly recommend ensuring that vegetables comprise the largest portion of your plate and that you consider eating them first, before any meats or starches.Eating your veggies first may help you better regulate your appetite. meaning you will think twice about seconds or thirds.

I haven’t really shared anything crazy or revolutionary, but following at least one ( if not all) of these strategies should help put you in a better position to succeed this holiday season.

Wishing each and every one of you a Happy Holidays!

Until next time,

Andy De Santis RD MPH