“I want to eat healthy… but ain’t nobody got time for that!” ( Student Guest Blog)

I’d like to introduce Emily and Katie, a pair of aspiring dietitians who are kicking off my latest student guest blogging series.

Better yet, I will let them introduce themselves:

Hi there, we are Emily and Katie! Two dietetic interns, passionate about all things food. We love keeping up on the latest nutrition trends and food research. If there’s a diet you want us to debunk, a product you want us to review, or great YEG spots to check out, then we have you covered. 
Check out our Instagram @alittlefreshflavour. We share recipes, the latest evidence-based nutrition information, and a little flavour of life!
Today, the girls will be teaching us how to eat well with limited time….

No time to eat well? We hear ya! Our lives are already jam packed with classes, school, work, homework, Netflix, friends…. The list goes on and on and us “foodies” are no exception to this either! On nights when you come home late to an empty fridge, we too have fallen victim to the freakishly, way to convenient, Uber-Eats, delivery system. Don’t even get me started on that great Domino’s Pizza student deal!  Cooking at home and eating healthy foods can definitely feel like a chore, but balance is key in fueling our bodies and minds, to keep them going strong! So, we have 5 steps to help you plan your week and get those healthy meals in! And of course, leafy greens!


Step 1: Set yourself up for success: Unfortunately, unless you’re still living at home with your parents, groceries will not magically fill the fridge themselves! At the beginning of your week you need to do these two key things to set yourself up for success: 1) Make a list of foods you want to have for the week and 2) Go to the grocery store and get them all!


Step 2: Batch cook your grains: Whole grains are essential to help fill you up and will give you lots of fiber, protein, and vitamins. Whole grain oats, brown rice, and quinoa are so versatile that you can use them all week long!


Step 3: When in doubt, eggs! Protein helps us feel full longer, keeps our bones, muscles, and tissues functioning, and can play an important role in metabolism. Remember, chicken is not our ONLY source of protein! Cottage cheese, canned tuna, hummus, salmon, and eggs – scrambled, hard boiled, poached, omelets – these are quick and easy ways to get your protein in!


Step 4: Buy fresh and frozen fruits and veggies: This is a great way to make sure you have fruits and vegetables on hand at all times. Frozen veggies are just as healthy as fresh and you don’t even have to worry that they will go bad before you get to them!


Step 5: Have an EMERGENCY supply in the house! Canned items are seriously a lifesaver! Canned baked beans, canned tuna , canned chickpeas, or canned lentils are a few idea’s to get you started
Here are a few tips we hope can help you sneak a bit healthier eating into that busy week of yours! It may seem overwhelming at first but just focus on small steps and one thing at a time. If you feel you are in need of more help reach out to a Registered Dietitian. Look for one in your area at www.dietitians.ca.

Some pretty epic tips if I do say so my self.

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Thanks for the awesome piece ladies!

Andy De Santis RD MPH