Who Is Your Favourite Canadian? ( Canada Day Special)

Hey everyone!

I am taking a break from the usual nutrition content to ask you a VERY important question…. Who is YOUR favourite Canadian?

Why do I Ask?  Well in about 8 days time, on July 1st, the great nation of Canada turns 150 years old.

I am doing my part to help the celebrations by collaborating with  Canadian Tire to help turn social media #RedAndWhite

I honestly think it is an awesome way to help spread awareness of all the things we love about this amazing country that we are all lucky to be living in.

FUN FACT:  Insulin, the key hormone in blood glucose regulation and the treatment for type 1 diabetes, was discovered in CANADA!

Want to join the movement ( and have a chance to win some cool prizes in the process)?

Head on over to one ( or all) of my social channels and let me know who your favourite Canadian is and why!

Instagram  ( I will be making a very special Canada Day post on Instagram on July 1st!)



Until next time,

Andy De Santis RD MPH