Rice Noodle Veggie Stirfry With Tofu [Vegan, No Salt]

Happy Meatless Monday everyone!

My clients and long time readers will know just how important I feel it is for all of us, vegetarian or not, to be able to put together a day of nutritionally balanced eating that excludes animal products.

Incorporating soy-based foods, like tofu, is one of the number one steps that can simplify that process for most people.

Given my well known pro-soy stance, which you can learn more about in one of my previous articles on the topic, it should come as no surprise that my latest low-sodium cookbook would include a marquee recipe featuring tofu.

The goal of today’s post, besides showing off the awesome recipes from my new book, is to prove that you can cook a restaurant quality vegan recipe at home for a fraction of the sodium content and still really enjoy your food.

Oh, and that it doesn’t ALWAYS need to have meat in it.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, don’t forget to pre-order the book because there is plenty more where that came from!