Five Realistic Dietary Changes That You Can Make Today To Guarantee 2018 Is Your Healthiest Year Yet

I know you guys are probably inundated with New Years content by this point but as I sit on this plane flying back from my winter vacation I can think of no more salient topic to write on.

The inevitably reality is that New Year’s resolutions around health, diet and/or weight loss are among the most common commitments people make.

We also know that , in general, resolutions tend to fail.

This is partly due to poor planning or unrealistic/unmanageable goals.

That’s exactly why so many resolutions fall short, which is what I’m trying to prevent with today’s article.

Forget the gimmicks and quick fixes, let’s take a look at 5 realistic steps that you can take today to ensure you reach your nutrition goals in 2018.

1. Eat at least 7 different fruits and 7 different veggies weekly: I want you, in essence, to eat at least 1 fruit and 1 veggie per day but it’s completely fine if one day it happens and another it doesn’t, as long as you hit your weekly totals. Eating fruits and vegetables is, inescapably, the most important step that just about everyone can take to improve their health.

2. Eat at least 4 meals weekly that include no animal products: In other words, every other day you should include at least one meal that does not come from an animal but if you eat all four in one day, I don’t mind that either.

3. Eat out only twice a week total ( once for lunch, once for dinner): One of the biggest issues my clients face is the frequency with which they eat out. Now, I am by no means saying you should never eat out but rather challenging you to eat out less, knowing that ( in most cases) it will do wonders for your health, especially if you are trying to manage your weight.

4. Bring a healthy snack to work every work day of the week: One of the biggest areas the average person could improve their diet with only minimal extra effort is their afternoon snacking habits

5. Identify your favourite “cheat” food and have it half as much/often: Let’s face it… we all have that one food ( or drink) that we love but that we also know isn’t exactly supporting our health goals. Whether it’s pop, beer, chips, chocolate, cheese.. you will know what your food is. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to give it up, but I am asking you to have it half as much or half as often. So if you usually drink 6 beers a week, I want you to try to have 3. If chocolate is your thing and you have it everyday I want you have the same serving every other day instead. Taking this step, in addition with the other four discussed today, is a great way to kick start you on the path to success in 2018.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to take your health to the next level in 2018, I highly recommend using my five point plan as a launch point for bigger and better things.

Remember that there is no juice, pill or program that can replace making diligent changes to your diet so I urge you to start the new year on the right foot by embracing that reality and the challenge it presents.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best in the year to come.

Until next time,

Andy De Santis RD MPH