Have You Considered A Career in Food & Nutrition Management?

Those of you who have been following me for a while will probably be aware of the fact that I’ve worked with the Humber College School Of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism ( HRT) on a variety of projects over the last two years.

These projects have largely involved spreading awareness of the Humber School of HRT’s food and nutrition related diploma programs through my blog as well as making in-class appearances speaking to actual students of the programs.

I am excited to announce that relationship will be continuing over the next several months and I will back on campus soon speaking on two subjects near and dear to me:

  • Using social media effectively to grow a business
  • How to work effectively with clients in a 1-on-1 setting

Today, however, I am here to discuss what is perhaps one of the most underappreciated fields in the realm of healthcare, food and nutrition management

Don’t believe me?

Well, the food and nutrition management industry is actually valued at over $100 billion dollars!

People who work in food and nutrition management play critical roles in affecting the quality and types of food that are available to be consumed by individuals in a variety of settings.

They play their own unique role in impacting people’s health in a variety of settings from retirement facilities to big food and drink manufacturers.

Interested yet?

You’re in luck, because the Humber College School Of HRT offers a two year food and nutrition diploma program targeted towards those who are either wanting to jumpstart their career in this field, or come from other healthcare, hospitality and culinary backgrounds and want to both improve their skills and enhance their credentials.

Graduate Success Stories

It goes without question that the best way to learn about a field or program is to hear directly from people who have gone through it.

So, as I’ve done in the past, I reached out to recent grads and offered them the opportunity to share their unique stories and experiences.

My hope is that these stories will leave you with some valuable insights into what the program is really like, and what it can offer you career-wise.

Let’s take a closer look at what they had to say!

Graduate Success Story #1 – Helena S

Helena moved to Canada from Brazil in 2016 with her husband.

She had a previous degree in Business Management and wanted to combine her dual passions for management and nutrition by enrolling in Humber’s Food & Nutrition Management Program.

Her story in her words:

At the beginning I was scared because , besides learning a new language, I had to learn new terms and concepts of Food and Nutrition.

Since the very first day I felt that all the instructors cared about preparing me by giving me all the necessary tools for me to be successful, and making sure I understand the topic even with language barriers. It was not just learning about Food and Nutrition, it was about preparing you for the workplace, whether it was through study cases, volunteering, placement and networking.

Finally, Humber has provided with vast volunteer opportunities from working at hospitals and LTC focusing on Patient/Resident Food Services to focusing on children\seniors programs for a healthy lifestyle and dining experience. Furthermore, I have also worked with the College’s catering team.

Overall, my initiative for participating in many opportunities did not go unnoticed, last year I was awarded from CAFP ( Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals) and Humber College, and also placed 4th at CSNM (Canadian Society of Nutrition Management) student case study competition.

These are experiences that I will never forget, and have prepared me to be successful.

Thanks to all the support that Humber gave me, now I am a manager in training in a food service company, which will allow me to understand, manage and lead different “brands” of food service areas, as well gain quality work experience with unique learning and development opportunities such as financial accountability, purchasing, HR responsibilities, client relationships and presentation skills, which I was already exposed during all 2 years program at Humber College .


Student Success Story #2 – Mandisa L

Mandisa graduated from a Canadian high school in 2015 and felt that Humber’s Food & Nutrition Management Program was the right post-secondary choice for her career goals.

Her story in her words:

I was beyond terrified starting a new school and being in a new environment. Needless to say, I survived, and I learned so much more than just nutrition. I learned about the management of staff, menu planning for an institution, what it takes to become a supervisor or work in this field, the demands of food service and therapeutic diets.

The Food & Nutrition program has opened tremendous opportunities for me, I joined 2 new student associations- not to mention student executive member of CAFP (Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals) and CSNM (Canadian Society of Nutrition Managers). Through these two student associations, I had the opportunity to network and meet professionals working in the field of nutrition. Before graduation, we were all required to complete a 6-week internship.

Through my internship, I learned what it takes to be the director of food service, how to effectively purchase inventory within your budget, and how to prepare and cater for large events. After completing my 6-week internship at a long-term care facility, I was shortly hired at a hospital as a Food Service Worker.

Finally, the Food & Nutrition Management program has also taught me that there are other areas of nutrition- for instance community nutrition. Thus, I continued my education and enrolled in the Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Program also at Humber.

My Thoughts

When I read through these student stories I couldn’t help but notice two major themes.

  1. Both students brought up the value of being student members of the CAFP and CSNM, which obviously represents a major educational and networking opportunity.
  2. Both students brought up the integrated 6-week practical training component of the course, which obviously holds a great deal of value and real, experiential learning opportunities.

I think that these are two major things to keep in mind for anyone considering either starting, or furthering, their career in food and nutrition management at the Humber School Of HRT.

Want To Learn More?

Have I piqued your interest?

Want to learn more about Humber’s Food & Nutrition Management Program?

Feel free to reaach out to Program Support Officer Eddie Yu either at 416 675 6622 ext 4146 OR via e-mail eddie.yu@humber.ca

I’ve personally had nothing but great experiences both working with the staff and students at the Humber School of HRT.

The North Campus is an impressive place and I hope to be invited back to speak again and again in the future!

Until next time,

Andy De Santis RD MPH