Chimp Treats: The Ultimate Ice Cream Alternative

As a registered dietitian, choosing brands to align with is far from monkey business.

In fact, my longtime followers will be keenly aware of the fact that I rarely highlight or promote products on my social media page or website at all.

But hey, when the shoe fits, you gotta ride the pumpkin carriage to the ball.

Or in this case, the banana carriage.

And when I stumbled upon Chimp Treats, I knew the shoe fit.

Chimp Treats is an Ontario-based vegan, female-led, 100% fruit-based nicecream company and I first stumbled upon them when one of their Instagram ads caught my eye.

The product, which is a big hit in my family, is both delicious and nutritious and once I took a closer look at what the company was all about, I immediately reached out to them to pitch a collaboration.

I mean, I have a monkey suit, a banana phone and great sense of humour, so why wouldn’t they want to work with me?!

What I Love About the Chimp Treats Product

1. The product fills an incredibly important niche by offering a genuinely fun, delicious and dairy-free ice cream alternative and it’s something that I feel very comfortable recommending to my clients as a fun fruit-based treat.


2. The products contain simple ingredients (100% fruit, 1-2 ingredients max) which is something that really resonates with the modern Canadian consumer, my clients included.

What I Love About The Chimp Treats Brand

Behind every good product is a great brand, and what I really enjoyed about Chimp Treats, besides their fun packaging and generally bubbly marketing campaign, is their willingness to make the most of the Instagram platform to promote their product.

That’s obviously a big part of what led me to reach out to them, and why I’m writing today’s blog for all of you.

When I was initially digging deeper into the brand, however, is when I first realized that Chimp Treats was actually started right here in my home province of Ontario by Trent University graduate, collegiate athlete and committed vegan Brooke Hammer.

Brooke created Chimp Treats after discovering “nicecream” recipes online and wondering why this amazing market need was not being appropriately met on Canadian grocery store shelves.

Fast forward to today, and Chimp Treats products, which boast one or a combination of bananas, mangoes, strawberries (and no other ingredients!) are on an increasing number of supermarket shelves Canada-wide and taking social media by storm as well (hence why I’m here!).

Where Can You Find Chimp Treats?

Have I got you excited about Chimp Treats yet? Can’t wait to try it?

Here’s where you can your next pint:

Whole Foods Across Canada

Sobey’s in the GTA

Loblaws across Ontario

Rest of Canada: Zehrs, Value-Mart, Atlantic Superstore, Healthy Planet, Independent Grocer, Planet Organic, Dominion, Provigo, IGA ( in BC)

Use the Store Locator to find the retailer nearest you.

Instagram Contest – Coming Friday February 22nd

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s article and were able to sense and appreciate my genuine excitement about spreading the word on this awesome product.

The fun doesn’t stop here though!

Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram page because in the days to come I will be announcing a product giveaway contest where some of my lucky followers will receive vouchers that can be exchanged in-store for free Chimp Treats product (Canadian residents only).

Until then,

Andy De Santis RD MPH