A Healthy Body Includes Healthy Teeth

Have you ever looked at those hard as rock pearl white teeth and wonder why they are such blessed?

It is said that the mouth is the window to your inner health. Your oral health can offer guidance to your inside. And to maintain a nice oral health taking care of teeth is a must.

As a healthy body includes healthy teeth!!!

A Brief Introduction to Oral Region: Mouth and Teeth

By Charles Jameson

Our oral health depends on the total management of lips, teeth, tongue, saliva, etc. All of these together keeps us healthy in general.


In the mouth, we can find the moist mucous membrane and the roof called palate. It is covered in membrane.

In front of the face, we can get the bony structure. It is called hard palate that divides the mouth and nasal cavity.

In the rear is the soft palate. It is fleshy thus soft. It is like a curtain between the mouth and throat. It closes the nasal passages when we swallow is food.

In the mouth, teeth are arranged in our jaws.


Dentists often describe teeth in three major parts:

First comes the root at the bottom of all. It consists of dentin and pulp. The structure is covered with cementum. It helps to anchor the teeth to the jaw.

The root is also the most sensitive spot as it is the most vulnerable part of the teeth. It is comparatively soft and can get injured easily. Also, it can get infected easily.

You can increase the hardness and overall dental health by applying topical fluoride varnish. Fluoride improves the chemical structure of dentin or more specifically from hydroxyapatite into fluorapatite. For more information about fluoride varnish visit Wonderful Dental website and blog posts.

However, if the soft root gets infected it can spread into the bloodstream in rapid speed. And your surrounding jaw and tissues can get infected as well. That is why taking prompt medical care of it is important.

Secondly comes the junction point of the cementum of the root and enamel of the tooth’s crown. The layer of enamel is very thin. And there is a thick layer of dentin. These two protects the root.

And thirdly what we mostly see and refer as teeth, the crown. It is made of minerals like calcium, a thick calcified enamel surface. The dentin layers lie under it.


Saliva or the spit is secreted from salivary glands. They are situated on the walls and floor of the mouth. It helps to moisten the food and down ever more.

Saliva also contains a lot of enzymes that helps in digesting and controlling the bacteria in the mouth. It fights off infection in the mouth. Saliva is used to keep the mouth clean. Also, a dry tongue cannot taste it needs saliva to find out the flavor.

Saliva is very important as it helps to swallow food and also neutralizes bacteria produced acid. Saliva helps to protect the body from invasion of microbial beings and overgrowth.

The function of the Teeth and the Mouth

To get the energy we eat food. It is done with the help of our mouth teeth. To express our needs and emotions we use various facial expression and words. All of it is done with the help of mouth.

There are different types of teeth. They help to obtain food, cut them down in pieces then grinds nicely to help us in swallowing them. Thus teeth helps is digestion.

Lips, tongue, and teeth are essential for our speech too. By bending, folding, touching lips, tongue, teeth, and jaw and controlling airflow we are able to pronounce various sounds. Our facial expressions as well use them to convey various feelings. Teeth provide the profile to our face as well.

Connection of oral health and overall health

Our oral health not only indicates the condition of our inner health it can also affect our health in general.

Testing our saliva can give a clear report about how our body is doing and help to determine treatment. It plays an extremely important role in defining a person’s DNA print. Professionals use saliva from our mouth to identify paternity. It is extremely important for forensic science as well. Our teeth structure also give an impression of our identity as it is unique to each person and reveals a lot about a person like age, health and so on.

Mouth, like any other body part, is filled with bacteria. Most of those bacteria are safe, in fact, we need them for our good health. The habit of everyday brushing and flossing help to keep these bacteria under control.

But if we become lazy or for any reason stop taking care of our teeth and tongue then those bacteria will accumulate and will attract bad bacteria that can harm our mouth thus leading to hurt our body.

If bacteria went out of limit then it can easily lead to infections causing us tooth decay and gum diseases.

Health Condition Affecting Oral Health:

This health condition badly affects oral health.


This condition makes the body extremely vulnerable. Thus putting gums at risk. It is very common to have gum disease if you have diabetes. You for sure will have tooth decay and cavity. Teeth may completely rot away and fall off. Many people wear dentures.


It causes swelling and pain to various body parts. In the mouth, it causes painful mucosal lesions.


A disease of bones tends to make bone weak and brittle including the teeth. Those who have osteoporosis may suffer from periodontal bone and tooth loss.

Also, the drug used to treat this disease bears a minimal risk to the jaw bones.


As Alzheimer progresses oral health also worsens.

Other Negative Effect of Poor Health on Teeth:

Factors like medication can also disrupt the healthy equilibrium of the oral region. Medicines like painkillers, decongestants, antihistamines, diuretics, and antidepressants can reduce saliva flow in the mouth.

Also, conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, head and neck cancers, eating disorders, and Sjogren’s syndrome can cause dry mouth. Maintaining dental hygiene is most crucial in those circumstances. If you have tartar or dental plaque remove them with great care with the assistance of an oral hygienist. Your oral hygienist may suggest using prophy paste to remove tartar, plaque or any sort of stains. To know what grain size of prophy paste you will need to visit wonderful dental blog posts.

Diseases Caused Because of Poor Oral Health

These diseases can occur if you have poor oral health.


It is an infection in the inner lining of the heart called endocardium. It typically occurs when you have bacteria growth or other germs in any other part of your body like as your mouth. The infection spreads through the bloodstream and gets accumulated in the damaged areas of your heart.

Cardiovascular disease:

Some researched have linked heart diseases like artery block and stroke with oral inflammation and infection caused by bacteria.

Complicated Births:

Researchers have found periodontics to have a link with premature birth and low weight at birth.

Final Note:

As you can see it is a vice versa situation where poor health can affect the teeth and the overall oral health, there as well poor teeth hygiene can lead to various health risks.

That is why we say a healthy body includes healthy teeth and there is no other way. If you want to be healthy and happy overall you have to take care properly.

Go for regular health and dental check-ups. Take necessary measures and live life to the fullest.


About The Special Guest Author

Charles Jameson

Charles is a medical health and wellness journalist. He writes about responsible preventive care, technology, and childcare in medicine.