Kaleigraphy Client Spotlight: Mark Breedon

Hello everyone!

I am so thrilled to be introducing my first ever Kaleigraphy client in the personal training field: Mark Breedon.

Mark is a Toronto-based online trainer with a BSc Human Kinetics and BSc  Nutrition as well as NSCA-CPT certification.

Mark and I worked Kaleigraphy magic together on a piece that clearly articulates his strongly held belief that online training is poised to take  the industry by storm.

Let’s find out why.

Personal Training Is Dying, But Online Training Could Take Its Place

By Mark Breedon – NSCA-CPT  certified Online Trainer  [@Training.Strong.Women] [strongwithmark@gmail.com]

Online personal training is the future.

In-person personal training is the past.

Bold statements? Perhaps, but today’s article will help you understand exactly why I believe this to be the case

Before we get into the good stuff, let’s take a second to appreciate the value of personal training in any form.

Personal training lets people accomplish their fitness goals in less time, with less hassle, all while lowering their risk of injury.

Time is our most precious commodity and a good Personal Trainer can help you accomplish your goals in a fraction of the time it that it might take the average person without one.

But does training need to take place in person?

The Demise  Of Conventional Personal Training

Conventional wisdom says that personal training takes place in  a commercial gym.

My view, however, is that the utility of this form of training is evaporating before our very eyes.

My view is not a statement on the quality of the trainer in gyms, rather it has everything to do with the differences in how online vs in-person training operate.

A rather archaic system some might say.

Online training, when done right, can replace personal training and become a better solution for you to accomplish your goals.

Let’s explore why.

The Advantages Of Online Training

In order to understand the advantages of online personal training, we have to first understand how it works.

Online Coaching is done in a variety of ways. Some trainers give a “training program” and send you on your way (aka not training).

This is not what I am referring to by online training.

I’ll be using how my version of online training works:

– Most online trainers specialize in a particular group of people. I focus on strength training for women, usually in their mid 20’s to early 30’s, so they can build their confidence both in and out of the gym without feeling like their concerns and questions aren’t taken seriously.

– You pay for the trainer, and it’s monthly payments instead of per session. That’s it. No membership fees. No hidden expenses. It’s almost always cheaper.

– You can connect with your trainer regularly, who gives daily/weekly feedback. This feedback can be sending you exercise videos, instructional graphics, or just leaving you a note to help you improve or tell you what a good job you are doing!

The response from the trainer might not be the same time when you message them, but if you are ok with waiting for a day to get a response, you will be able to get help with your training regularly instead of just at each session.

Not to mention there are no scheduling conflicts, making it more convenient for everyone.


I use Google Sheets to create and share the program. This lets the client keep track of their workout,  and I can check how the program is going, along with providing notes to help you along the way!

I also send a check-in form at the end of each week. This lets me know if any changes need to be made and what to change in your program for the upcoming week.

Have I convinced you of the value of online personal training yet?

If you’ve had a bad experience with in-person training or are on the fence of how to proceed with your fitness goals, you need to seriously consider giving online training a shot.

If this sounds like you, keep your eyes peeled for my next article, which will teach you how to pick the right trainer to fit your needs.

Hope you enjoyed today’s article and remember that although In-person training appears to increasingly be turning into a thing of the past, I am confident that online training will pick up the pieces of the fitness industry.

– Mark