Optimize Your Health With California Strawberries

Let me start by unequivocally identifying that strawberries, both fresh and frozen, are one of my favourite fruits to enjoy year-round.

I eat them most days of the week and it naturally brings me a great deal of joy in this challenging time to once again be working with The California Strawberry Commission to help spread positive health messages on these Vitamin C packed gems.

Given our Canadian climate, strawberry season up here is very limited and so it’s obviously a great delight that, when local strawberries aren’t an option, California strawberries are in peak season.

The Health Highlights Of California Strawberries

1. Very High Vitamin C Content – A single serving of strawberries is about 140 grams, or 8 strawberries and contains nearly 100% of your recommended Vitamin C intake.

This fact is very important for me as a private practice dietitian because a great number of my clients either are vegetarians or trying to eat in a more vegetarian way.

The iron found in popular vegetarian foods such as legumes, nuts, seeds and grains as well as eggs is actually better absorbed in the presence of Vitamin C.

As a result, I often recommend my vegetarian clients to include Vitamin C-rich fruits, such as strawberries, as a part of their snacks or after a meal for a healthy dessert.

2. Source Of Fibre – Population data from both the US and Canada suggest that insufficient dietary intake of both potassium and fibre, which are fundamental for good cardiovascular health, remain relevant public health concerns.

 The good news? A single serving of 8 California strawberries contains >5% of both of these important nutrients and can play an important role in pushing you towards a more fibre and potassium adequate diet.

So How Do You Enjoy Your Strawberries?

All of the information in today’s blog leads us back to one simple fact.

California strawberries are a delicious, healthy and super convenient snack for any day, time or occasion.

I personally tend to enjoy them after a meal, or as part of snack combined with nuts, seeds and dark chocolate.

Many of my clients will combine them with yogurt or oatmeal before or after the gym, on-the-go or for a snack at work.

How you enjoy them is up to you.

8 Per Day Is The Way!

Remember that just 8 California strawberries is a serving and comes packed with Vitamin C and fibre that I just discussed.

Until Next Time,

Andy De Santis