Wild Mushroom Thyme Soup [Low Sodium]

I’ve been blogging for half a decade and I finally felt that it was about thyme to post a soup recipe.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Welcome to #SoupSunday

My regular readers will know that soup, widely loved as it may be, tends to be among the top 10 significant dietary sources of sodium.

This could be problematic for those of us out there who are trying to manage our sodium intake but still enjoy a nice bowl of soup from thyme to thyme.

Not to worry though, today’s feature recipe from my upcoming Low Sodium Cookbook for Beginners has the solution.

Enter today’s Mushroom Thyme Soup – containing only 128 mg of sodium per serving.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, don’t forget to pre-order the book because there is plenty more where that came from.