Kaleigraphy Client Spotlight – Amanda Shulman

I’m so thrilled to be able introduce everyone to my latest Kaleigraphy writing and social media program client Amanda.

Amanda is a dietitian and new mom who specializes in nutrition education for new parents.

She is the owner of Nudge Nutrition and has a real passion for teaching new parents how to nourish themselves and their young children with confidence.

Amanda and I actually happened to go to school together, so it was a real pleasure for us to be able to re-connect as professionals and for her to bring me on to assist her with growing her own practice using the power of writing and social media.

Please keep in mind you can learn more about Amanda, her approach and her services via her website NudgeNutrition.ca

With that being said, I’m going to allow her to introduce herself.

Meet Amanda

By Amanda Shulman RD MAN

Hi everyone!

My name is Amanda, and as a new parent I understand the transition from before kids to parenthood can be quite the wild ride.

As a registered dietitian I bring a pragmatic, relatable and evidence-based approach to food to support you during this unique period of your life, which we both know presents vasts joys and a few challenges as well.

I can appreciate that being a parent takes a lot out of you on a daily basis emotionally and that it’s important to make sure that you and your family are nourished so that you can enjoy every moment.

This is my area of expertise in the field of nutrition, and also the area I’m most passionate about in my personal life.

Which bring me to the concept of a nudge, which is the basis of my Nudge Nutrition brand.

So what’s a nudge?

The concept of a nudge comes from nudge theory, which was created by two American scholars for use in behavioural economics and politics.

The theory says positive reinforcement and small suggestions are the best way to influence behaviour and decision making

This approach is widely used in grocery stores, and retail stores.

A nudge is meant to be a small change in your life that is easy and inexpensive to begin.

Both research and real-life stories indicate to dietitians that people who incorporate realistic and sustainable changes into their life are more likely to keep them over time.

The concept of nudge nutrition is for everyone, but I am going to be tailoring my information towards soon to-be and new parents.

I know that when you become a parent your time is precious, and exceedingly stretched between competing interests(your partner, new baby, older siblings, in-laws, friends etc.

I am passionate about helping you find those small changes or simple strategies that will make a big impact for you and your family.






Kaleigraphy is my blogging and social media mentorship program where I help young and seasoned health professionals alike navigate the world  writing and social media in tandem to open up opportunities for their career and to progress as experts in their field of choice.

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