New Product: Canadian-Made Protein Pancake Mix

I always get excited when it comes to spotlighting local brands doing big things in the food industry and so when I was made aware of Missisauga-based Caneggs, I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate.

Caneggs is a dried and pasteurized egg white powder mix made from Canadian Grade A eggs which can serve as a protein supplement but perhaps more interestingly as a nutrient and protein-rich baking ingredient.

I know that so many of my clients enjoy novel products like these to enhance their baking experience and to improve the nutritional profile and protein content of their favourite foods.

How Does It Work?

Caneggs egg white powder can easily be rehydrated with water or other warm fluids so that 4 tsp of egg white powder combined with 4 tbsp of water yields about 2 oz of egg whites, which contains about as much protein as two large eggs.

While you can learn more about product specifics via their website, what I’m really interested in doing with today’s post is showing off one of Cannegg’s speciality products – their Protein Pancake Mix.

The Allure Of Protein Pancakes

Having a strong sense of the types of food products people are after, I had a strong feeling that this particular product will appeal to a wide array of consumers because of the general popularity of pancakes as a breakfast food.

What Caneggs protein pancake mix does for you is a few things:

  • Makes pancakes easyjust add water or milk ( for more protein, vitamins and minerals) and pan fry
  • Uses wholesome ingredients – Oat flour, a protein blend (combining whey & egg white protein) and ground flax seed ( rich source of omega-3s which you won’t find in other pancakes) are the three main ingredients.
  • Packs a protein punch – Pancakes made with ¾ cup of dry mix ( less than ¼ of the package) contain a minimum of 26 grams of protein – this number will shoot past 30 if you make the pancakes using soy milk or cow’s milk.
  • Brings some serious fibre & micronutrients to the table –   A ¾ cup of dry mix contains 8 grams of fibre, which is far more fibre than your average store bought pancake mix. Even before any milk is added this blend also contains >5% of important nutrients like potassium calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin D.

Final Thoughts

If you are a health and convenience concious consumer looking for an affordable and versatile product which has quite a bit to offer in the world of breakfast and baking, I highly recommend taking a closer look at Canegg’s offerings.