Campbell’s® Trepuree® – A New Texture-Modified Product For Those Who Have Trouble Chewing

A meaningful portion of the population, especially the older adult demographic, may require a texture modified diet for various lengths of time.

I’ve chosen to collaborate with Campbell’s® and introduce you guys to their Trepuree®  texture-modified line because it is now easily available for online consumer purchase via

I know that many of the people that read my posts are my colleagues who may be working with populations requiring such dietary support – or my clients who may have someone in their care or their lives who would benefit from this knowledge.

For those who may be curious, there are a number of reasons why someone may find themselves in a position where they are experiencing difficulty chewing and require the type of texture modified meals offered by the Campbell’s® Trepuree® line.

These include:

  • Stroke
  • Denture & oral issues
  • Saliva reduction due to aging
  • Medication-induced dry mouth
  • Post-surgery of the head, neck and mouth

It’s important to consult with your healthcare team ( doctor, SLP, dietitian) to determine the right product for you – but know that this line was created for individuals who experience difficulty chewing caused by the reasons or above (or others!) or other symptoms that cause digestive difficulty.

More On Campbell’s® Trepuree®

With some of the more technical details addressed, let’s discuss the practical aspects  of these single-serve pureed meals.

There are 12 different meals in the set, and the variety pack (which can be purchased here)  contains two of each.

The meals are each uniquely curated and what I would consider to be representative of the quintessential balanced dish – containing starch, protein and vegetables.

I took a close look at the nutritional details of each and noted they are all under 700 mg sodium with between 3-8 grams of fibre and 14-20 grams of protein.

For the product calorie ranges ( 230-360) these are numbers that I’d consider to be on par with my expectations as a dietitian for a healthy, balanced meal.

Some examples of what you might find in each meal include:

Protein:  salmon, turkey, beef, pork

Starch: beans, squash, pasta

Veggies:  peas, green beans, carrots

And much more, you can learn more about the full offering  via their website.

Flavour and aroma were kept top of mind when developing these products, so can expect to be pleasantly surprised in both of these areas.

Want To Learn More?

If you are in need of tasty , convenient heat-and-serve textured modified meals – this product is the answer to your concerns.

For more information on Trepuree texture-modified products, including morenutritional information, pick-up, home delivery options, and more, visit

Until next time,

Andy De Santis RD MPH