The Numerous Health Benefits Of Curcumin

I’ll be the first to admit how eager I’ve been to carve out the time to write a proper piece on turmeric, which is often referred to in the supplemental space by the name of its primary bioactive ingredient curcumin.

I write often on the supplements and health conditions that are most relevant to the general public and simply could not help but take notice of the frequency with which curcumin comes up in the scientific literature.

This is quite the opposite with some other popular supplements, which tend to lack evidence supporting their use.

It’s for all of these reasons, and more, that I’m thrilled to be having this conversation today and grateful to curcumin brand TurmeriX® for bringing me on board to have an honest discussion with my audience about the health benefits of curcumin supplementation and the unique additional ingredients that make their product stand out above the competition.

Here’s what to expect from today’s article:

  • An Introduction To Turmeric/Curcumin – What Is It?
  • The Science Behind Curcumin Use– What Conditions Does It Help With?
  • The TurmeriX® Advantage – What Makes This Product Unique?

I’m going to present the information as succinctly as possible in each section so you will get all the information you need without the fluff – Let’s get right into it, I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

An Intro To Turmeric/Curcumin

Turmeric is a flowering plant which originated from Asia and from the rootstalks of which the familiar yellow spice we all know and love is made.

Curcumin is the bioactive compound, known as a polyphenol, that is responsible for turmeric’s colour and has historically been valued as a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

It also happens to be one of the best studied supplemental products on the market and after reviewing the next section you will understand why I say that.

The Science Behind Curcumin Use

High quality scientific evidence is a big separating factor between a supplement with promise and a supplement with verifiable potency, turmeric certainly falls in the latter category.

Let’s take a look at some of the conditions for which curcumin supplementation has been utilized.

Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis:  A 2016 meta-analysis out of the Journal Of Medical Food found that 1,000 mg of curcumin daily over an 8-12 week period improved symptoms of pain and inflammation in RA to a similar extent that pharmaceuticals like ibuprofen did.

A 2021 meta-analysis out of the Bioscience Reports  journal found that curcumin supplementation for a 12 week period offered up similar results in those living with osteoarthritis.

Improved joint function and reduced pain and stiffness were among the notable positive findings.

Depression/Anxiety:  Common mental health conditions like depression and anxiety have increasingly been associated with neuroinflammation and a review of the evidence, as presented in this 2020 meta-analysis out of Critical Reviews In Food Science And Nutrition, has demonstrated that curcumin supplementation could help resolve some symptoms of anxiety and depression.

PCOS: As I discussed in a recently published piece on supplements for PCOS, a recent systematic review and meta-analysis out of the Nutrients journal offers some suggestion that curcumin may improve insulin resistance in women living with PCOS.

The studies cited in this review included curcumin dosages between 500-1500 mg daily over a 6-12 week period.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease [Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s]:  I have a very strong appreciation for the challenges individuals living with IBD face and for this reason I’m thrilled on both a personal and professional level that a supplement like curcumin has demonstrated ability to help.

Although some there are still questions to be answered from the scientific perspective, a growing body of evidence (summarized by this 2021 meta-analysis out of the Journal Of Medicinal Foods) suggests that curcumin supplementation has demonstrated potential to reduce inflammatory markers and improve symptoms and quality of life in those living with IBD.

Supplementation of at least 250mg per day ( up to 1500 mg) over an 8-12 week period seems to yield the best results, as per a 2021 paper out of the Complimentary Therapies In Medicine.

The TurmeriX® Advantage

Now that you’ve got a bit of sense of the science supporting curcumin use in a variety of contexts, I want to turn my attention to TurmeriX® and why this product is more than just the average curcumin supplement.

TurmeriX® also contains a wide array of nutritionally unique ingredients which I encourage you to explore on the product website.

In today’s post I want to highlight two of these ingredients in particular; black pepper and green tea extract.

Let’s start with the relevance of black pepper, which might seem like a random ingredient until you hear what I have to say about it.

For all of its benefits and utility, curcumin is notorious for not being very well absorbed ( also known as not very bioavailable).

Black pepper, in fact, contains a compound known as piperine which has been shown to significantly increase curcumin bioavailability.

In other words, when you take curcumin combined with black pepper (as it is in Turmerix) your body is likely to absorb and utilize much more of it.

Now let’s discuss green tea extract, I wanted to go out of my way to highlight this ingredient because I’ve encountered it previously in my writing.

Green tea extract contains a very unique compound known as EGCG or more technically epigallocatechins-3-gallate which I’ve discussed in my previous writing on both immune health and anti-aging.

A nice little boost to have on top of your curcumin right?

Final Thoughts, Coupon Code & Product Disclaimer

I sincerely hope you guys have enjoyed today’s exploration of curcumin and its numerous potential health benefits which extend to a number of contexts and conditions.

I’ve also clearly outlined the unique advantages of a product like TurmeriX® as your curcumin supplement of choice and I encourage you to learn more about their unique formulation via their website.

In fact, I will do you one better – use the coupon code mrkale at checkout via either their US or Canadian website to receive $10 off a tub of powder or a tub of 300s capsules which also qualifies for free shipping in Canada and the USA.

The code is active until December 15th.

Finally, please do keep in mind that the information presented within today’s post is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional and is not intended as medical advice. The material appearing on the website is for educational use only.

Statements provided are based on customer feedback and testimonials and are not scientific claims.

Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

TurmeriX® is authorized for sale by Health Canada under the Natural Health Products Regulations (NPN 80085326 and NPN 80095682).