Introducing Book #10 – The Macro Cookbook For Men

I’m really excited to be announcing a significant personal milestone, my 10th print publication, which comes in the form of my brand new Macro Cookbook For Men.

This book holds personal significance to me above and beyond the publication itself, as I’ve dedicated it to my dearly departed friend Josh Lister ( a prolific writer in his own right) whose birthday fell during the time I was writing the book and the 7th anniversary of his passing actually occurring during this promotional period.

Josh, who I’ve mentioned in numerous previous blog posts and books, was a massive reason why food and fitness became passions of mine later in life when they otherwise weren’t on my radar in my younger years and I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge him before moving on to a discussion of the contents of the book.

The Macro Cookbook For Men

My latest book, which by the way is now available for pre-order, targets guys who want to start pursuing a more structured approach to their nutrition specifically as it relates to pursuing fitness goals (ie; muscle gain, body composition alteration).

Here are some of the things you can expect to find within;

1) An explanation of the different macronutrients, understand your macronutrient needs relative to your goals and different approaches you can take to reach them

2) A plethora of recipes that will help bring this guidance to life as well as multiple 7-day sample menus combining these recipes together in a practical fashion

3) A basic workout plan centered around three distinct workouts each consisting of three core movements ( 9 moves in total).

Summary: If you are a novice in the fitness space and wanting to leverage nutrition science to your advantage in the most painless way possible, this book is for you.

What’s Coming Next?

As I always do in my book promotional periods you can expect me to release content focusing on some of the book’s sub-themes throughout the weeks ahead.

Topics like protein intake targets and pre-workout meal timing, as well as various recipe samples from the book will all be covered leading up to to the March release date.

But you certainly don’t need to wait until then to get your hands on a copy.

Oh and just in case you need a little extra convincing, find two of the many epic recipes contained within the book below – hopefully they give you an idea of what to expect.