Physical Activity Helps With Fatty Liver [NAFLD]

There currently exists no pharmaceutical treatment for fatty liver disease.

Those living with NAFLD have two primary options to improve their health status and prevent the progression of the disease into more serious stages like NASH, and cirrhosis.

The first option is dietary optimization through a better understanding of the nutrition principles which dictate good liver health.

My new book, The Essential Diet For Fatty Liver, has you covered in that regard.

The second option is to pursue a greater output when it comes to your physical activity levels.

Obviously my new book will be less helpful in this regard, but at the same time I simply cannot deny the massive body of scientific evidence which suggests that increasing physical activity helps with many of the big concerns around NAFLD progression.

In other words, being more physically active may:

1) Reduce Insulin Resistance

2) Reduce Liver Fat Accumulation

3) Reduce Liver Inflammation & Scarring

4) Improve Liver Enzyme Levels

These are some of the most important modifiable risk factors for the progression of fatty liver disease and so to be able to affect one or more of them through being more active is a massive consideration which simply cannot be understated.

I must also note that the benefits of physical activity for your liver health have been found to be independent of weight loss – meaning that you don’t need to look at the scale to know that your efforts are worth while.

AND… the benefits of physical activity for your liver are distinct from the benefits of improved nutrition – meaning that there is a synergistic and additive benefit of doing both more physical activity and optimizing your diet.

See the infographics below for some prominent study findings on this subject matter and to better understand both how much and what type of exercise you need to tap into these massive benefits.


And while physical activity is not my area of content mastery, nutrition certainly is.

My new book, in conjunction with the weekly blog posts I’m releasing alongside during the pre-release period, will teach you everything you need to know from the dietary perspective in order to fight back against fatty liver disease – including containing 50 recipes to help you bring that guidance to life.

It’s available for pre-order right now, and ships on May 24th.

Don’t forget to grab your copy while keep your eyes firmly on my blog/newsletter as I continue to elaborate on specific topics within the world of liver health that I simply did not have the word count for in the book.


Andy De Santis RD MPH