Flavonoid Foods Slow Biological & Skin Aging

I originally titled today’s piece Eat More Flavonoid Rich Foods To Live Longer, Better

Allow me to explain why.

Flavonoids are family of antioxidants that are, as rated by the Dietary Inflammatory Index [DII], considered among the most potent anti-inflammatory compounds in existence.

These makes them instantly intriguing, but recently published work out of the Journal Of Translational Medicine took my interest in flavonoids to the next level when they found that biological aging, as calculated using 30+ blood biomarkers, was actually lowest in the people who ate the most flavonoid rich foods.

Let’s take a closer look at major claims about flavonoids that might help explain these findings.

Claim #1 – Eat More Flavonoid-Rich Foods To Live Better

I make this claim because there is evidence to suggest that the incorporation of flavonoid rich foods may improve mental health.

“A meta-analysis of 36 clinical trials involving a total of 2788 participants was showed a statistically significant effect of flavonoids on depressive symptoms.”

Antioxidants 2021

Claim #2 – Eat More Flavonoid Rich Foods To Live Longer

Multiple observational studies have demonstrated that individuals who consume more flavonoid rich foods tend to be at lower risk of death/disease – particularly cardiovascular disease & cancer.

“These findings highlight the potential to reduce mortality through recommendations to increase intakes of flavonoid-rich foods, particularly in smokers and high alcohol consumers.”

Nature Communications 2019

Claim #3 – Eat More Flavonoid Rich Foods To Slow Cognitive Decline

In a study published earlier this month it was demonstrated that older adults (60+) with higher flavonoid intakes retained better cognitive function and memory as they aged over a 7 year study period.

“[D]ietary intakes of total flavonols and several flavonol constituents may be associated with slower decline in global cognition and multiple cognitive abilities with older age”

Neurology 2023

Claim #4 – Eat More Flavonoid Rich Foods To Slow Skin Aging

Skin aging, appearance and wrinkle formation is significantly related to one’s dietary choices over time, with flavonoids emerging as significant candidates to maintain skin youthfulness and vitality.

“There is growing evidence to suggest that flavonoids can slow down or even prevent aging-associated deterioration of skin appearance and function by targeting specific cellular pathways”

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021

There Are 6 Types Of Flavonoids To Choose From

Can you eat at least one food from each subgroup of flavonoids daily?

I bet you can.

I’ve made it easier for you via the infographics below.

Final Thoughts

Nutrition can get stale at times for some, so framing foods in new ways is one method I use to keep people engaged.

If today’s article has you feeling compelled to consume more flavonoid-rich foods, but you aren’t quite sure how to fit them all in – I can help.

Don’t hesitate to reach out about working together.

Until then,

Andy De Santis RD MPH