Easy Homemade Salmon N’ Shrimp Burgers

I personally LOVE salmon and shrimp burgers and cook them regularly at home, and so I thought – why not have them in my brand new low sodium cookbook?

If you have never tried a salmon and/or shrimp burger before, believe me when I tell you that you have NO idea what your missing.

Having written a pescatarian cookbook already, many of my regular readers will know how strongly I feel about the importance of relying more on fish & seafood (and less on other types of protein) for the average omnivorous person.

Despite being one of the higher sodium options, I still believe this particular recipe may be the most meaningful one in my new book.

The reason for this is that the traditional beef hamburger, especially when purchased out, is incredibly high in sodium.

This is owing not only to the patty, but also the bun, cheese and condiments that tend to be included.

And so my hope with this particular recipe is that I can convince the beef lovers out there that there is another delicious, easily accessible and healthier option for them.

There’s only one way to find out: