Easy One Pan Chicken & Vegetable Dinner Recipe

Among all of the different types of recipes my clients are open to trying, there is something about single pan dinners that they just tend to love.

There is an undeniable ease associated with kind of tossing everything into one pan, throwing that in the oven, and moving on to another task while it cooks.

Obviously convenience is a major focal point in my new Low Sodium Cookbook for the simple reason that one of the primary goals of the book is to convince people of two things:

1) Preparing delicious meals at home, rather than ordering in or eating out, is easier than they think and within their grasp.

2)  They don’t need a ton of salt or sodium-rich seasonings to do it.

Obviously both of these goals are directly related to the main goal of the book – lowering your daily sodium intake!

Enjoy today’s recipe, I’m quite confident you will love it.

And if you do, don’t forget to pre-order the book from which it comes!