Red Snapper With Sundried Tomato Pesto

It wouldn’t be a pescatarian cookbook without some epic fish recipes now would it?

I am thrilled to be sharing the first of many exquisitely curated fish-focused dishes from my new book.

Today’s creation features red snapper, a white fish with incredibly high vitamin D levels.

As you may know, many Canadian’s struggle to get enough vitamin D from their diet – an issue which is made no easier by the insufficient annual sun exposure which results in up to 40% of us having sub-optimal circulating D levels.

I’ve got you covered though, one serving of today’s recipe ( 150 grams of snapper) has nearly 800 IU of Vitamin D, while the RDA for most Canadians is set between 600-800, depending on age.

If you are a fan of white fish, there is simply no better choice from that perspective.

Enjoy the recipe, and please do pre-order the book because there are 74 more delicious dishes where this came from.