My Super Fun Appearance On The PATH Podcast

First and foremost, I want to wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy New Year!

To my clients, friends, family, colleagues and anyone who regularly enjoys my content – THANK YOU!

It was a tough year, but your support and encouragement has made it far more manageable.

I think it’s safe to say we all hope for a better and brighter year in 2021, and I’d like to do my small part to starting the year off on the right foot.

Which brings me to today’s post.

I recently recorded an outrageously fun podcast episode with my a pair of American colleagues –  Toni Toledo and Jenny Pitcher.

They are a dietitian duo and the co-hosts of the Positive Approaches To Health podcast, also known as the PATH pod.

We had an incredibly enjoyable hour long conversation that included a deep dive into the art of food humour, my passion for writing and all sorts of fun little personal tidbits in between.

If you want some genuine insights about me, and a few laughs, you will love this episode – which you can download via the links below.

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Episode Description:

The PATHPod gals visit our neighbor to the north taking a trip to Toronto to have a few laughs and talk a bit about nutrition with Andy DeSantis. Andy is a Registered Dietitian & Author who has a gift for making nutrition, health and food info pretty darn funny and shares some background on how that came to fruition. The three of them also touch on what it is like to be male in a female-dominated profession and even dive into the topics of pro-wrestling, yoga and soccer. Everyone could use a bit of humor right now so this conversation sure is timely. Come for the jokes and stay for the information on gut health.

I also have to give the ladies full credit, they were AMAZING hosts and knew so much about me which made the conversation that much more enjoyable and the whole experience that much better.

I highly recommend the PATH pod!

Andy De Santis RD MPH