Introducing Pillway – Your Modern Pharmacy

According to Stats Canada data, approximately 40% of Canadians are using at least one type of prescription medication.

When we look at the younger demographic, ages 15-44, it is still greater than 25% of population relies on prescription medication in some capacity.

My regular readers will know that I’ve written extensively on the role of nutritional management in many conditions for which pharmaceuticals are prescribed, and yet many of most frequently prescribed medications such as hormonal contraceptives, anti-depressants, thyroid medications to name a few cannot be replaced by dietary modifications.

And while prescription medication remains an important component of the lives of many Canadians, the way in which these medications are accessed is starting to change.

A reality that has only been accelerated by the challenges that have faced us over the last year of a new COVID reality.

That’s where Pillway, your modern pharmacy, comes in.

The first platform of its kind in Canada that brings patients, doctors and pharmacists together in a complete virtual care setting.

If you are no longer willing or able to visit a physical pharmacy, Pillway is the answer.

In today’s article, I’m going to introduce you to the Pillway platform and help you understand exactly what it offers Canadians, whether they require single or multiple prescription medications themselves, or are responsible for the provision of medication to family members or loved ones.

Let’s get to it.

Easy To Get Started

Pillway is accessible online via or via their smartphone application which is readily available as a free download through your phone’s application store.

The application is available via both Apple and Google Play, Apple store pictured below.


You will then need to fill in a bit of information about yourself and your medication(s) as well as any current vitamin/supplements.

Pillway will review and confirm your information – and once you are in the system, you will be able to upload your prescriptions to the platform.

After that, Pillway takes it from there and will communicate with your doctor and/or pharmacy on your behalf.

From a dietitian’s perspective – one of the cool things about Pillway is the ability to pair vitamin/mineral and supplement orders with your prescription order.

So, if you happen to need a re-up on your Vitamin D or Omega-3 supplement, you can get that done at the same time you order your prescription (Note: you cannot use Pillway to order just vitamins, supplements or other OTC drugs).

You will also be able to use Pillway to access other important supplements like probiotics, which are often recommended for use alongside antibiotics in order to reduce diarrhea and other GI-related side-effects.

As I’m going to discuss in the next section, you will also be able to utilize Pillway (both the web portal and the app) to chat with a pharmacist if you have questions about any potential interactions between your supplements and medication.

 A Personalized Pharmacy Experience

Pillway’s hallmarks are convenience and personalization.

The goal is of the platform is to make anyone’s pharmacy transition from brick and mortar to online as easy and painless as possible.

As I mentioned, you will be able to use either the app or website portal to book appointments and chat directly with your pharmacy team via the platform as the need arises throughout the process.

The app also has automatic alerts that can be set up to ensure you never miss a medication dosage.

Once you place an order, depending on your location, you can expect free same or next-day delivery.

There is also an auto-refill feature for recurring prescriptions and those using multiple medications will receive them in a customized pre-sorted package by dosage, date and time.

They can, upon request, pre-sort your vitamins with your medications as well to make your life even easier.

If you are someone who has been using prescription medication for a long time, it won’t take you long to realize that Pillway has all of your most salient concerns covered.

Low Cost

 I know that so far some of you may be thinking that this service is “too good to be true” or that there must be some sort of financial catch.

There isn’t.

Delivery is free nation-wide and the only fees you will encounter are a minimal dispensing fee ($9.99 CAD) and any residual medication costs that aren’t covered by your insurer.

Pillway has checked every box to ensure your transition into the world of digital pharmacy is truly seamless.

 Next Steps

I’m hoping you appreciate the potential Pillway has to make your interactions with prescription medications far more straight forward.

If you do, you’re going to want to head over to and sign up using my code AndyTheRD50 to get up to 50% off your first order of vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter drugs, and more when you place your first medication order.

On top of that, check out their SmartPhone app via your phone’s application store if you are someone who loves alerts/reminders for your medications.

Until next time,

Andy De Santis RD MPH



 Pillway is accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists and the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia