Flourish – A Virtual Assistant Service For Dietitians

You guys will know my Kaleigraphy intern Kat by her exceptional writing, but what you may not know is that she is also exceptionally business savvy – having created a dietitian-specific VA service.

In today’s post I play a small part in promoting this exceptional service, giving Kat the opportunity to tell us all about it in both written and video format.


All About Flourish

By Kat Durston

My best friend Erin and I, as two dietetic students, were on a mission to find a business within the field of nutrition that we could start before becoming dietitians.

We knew that we wanted to cultivate a business that embodied both creativity and design while putting a generational spin on traditional nutrition communication practices.

Together we had a strong background in art, marketing, and business, so it only made sense that we start a business geared towards helping dietitians grow their own company.

That day in September, the seed was planted and Flourish Virtual Assistants was born!

Flourish VA is a premium assistant service for private practice dietitians. We offer a wide range of services targeted at helping dietitians with the tasks that they don’t have time to do, don’t want to do, or just aren’t good at.

These services include content creation, social media management, graphic design, blog writing + SEO, marketing, and more. Our work combines aesthetic, pleasing visual appeal with evidence-based, quality nutrition information.

In just six months, Flourish has sprouted new roots and grown to assist an incredible amount of dietitians with their private practice business. With the current state our world is in, the need for virtual help is at an all-time high, especially within dietetics!

We have already hired one other assistant (shout out to Lauren!) and we are looking to add on additional buds to our booming business. Our mission at Flourish is to provide as many dietitians as we can with high-quality assistant services so that they can focus on the areas of their business that they do best.

Flourish also started a free Facebook community that allows dietitians and virtual assistants to network and connect. This includes free resources for VA’s on how to start, grow, and blossom your own virtual assistant business. It also is a place where dietitians can post and find an assistant to meet their needs. This has opened up virtual job opportunities to many students, interns, and new dietitians!

Our saying is, “you gotta nourish to flourish”, and we truly apply that to all areas of our life and business. So if you’d like to connect with Flourish in any way, please reach out, and let’s flourish together!