Introducing Allo – Protein Powder For Hot Coffee

You guys know how much I love my coffee – there is absolutely no introduction needed there and the plethora of coffee related content both on my website and social media are more than enough evidence of that.

And, let’s be honest, I know the vast majority of you love your coffee too.

I also know how much you guys’ love enhancing your coffee beverages and breakfasts in various ways, and that’s exactly what Allo’s new product can help you do.

Allo is a multi-flavour speciality protein powder designed SPECIFICALLY to be first product to be fully soluble in hot coffee – no clumps.

Have you ever tried mixing your conventional protein powders into hot coffee before?

If so, you will know that it is an uphill battle at best.

But there’s more to Allo than being hot coffee soluble, and I’m going to give some insight why from my perspective as a dietitian.

The Allure Of Allo

I take my morning coffee very seriously and I know my clients do to, so I’m going to offer up some insight into how I see Allo’s product range being uniquely useful.

While there are a number of ways to boost the protein content of one’s breakfast there are few ways that are easier or more efficient than adding a sleeve of Allo to your coffee.

One serving contains 10 grams of protein and ~5% of your daily calcium and potassium intake making it an exceptional alternative for those who want a convenient nutrient boost or simply don’t enjoy adding milk to their coffee (or if they do, don’t add enough to get a meaningful amount of protein.

I see this product being particularly useful for people who tend to consume breakfasts that are naturally lower in protein and want an easy way to compliment that meal, or even a convenient way to get mid-day or post workout protein when time is tight.

Here are a few client-inspired scenarios where I can see this product being of particular utility.

Scenario 1:  Someone who perhaps usually drinks coffee with a bowl of oatmeal in the morning – wants to consume more protein but not particularly interested in spending more time on breakfast– adds Allo coffee to provide protein to create a more satiating breakfast.

Scenario 2:  Someone who perhaps WFH and squeezes in an workout in between meetings and has only 5 minutes between meetings so grabs a banana and a coffee -adds Allo to coffee provide protein.

I think you guys seeing where I’m going with this and I do bet these scenarios sound familiar because I hear contexts like this presented to me by my clients all the time.

That’s pretty much what excited me about this product, knowing it has some serious utility in the context of someone with a busy lifestyle – AKA just about all of us!

The Product Range & Ingredients

While you know now my thoughts on the value of this product for practicality purposes, let’s take a quick note of some other important details.

  1. Allo is available in vanilla and hazelnut flavours both in standard and creamer forms.
  2. Each packet contains 10 grams of protein and ~5% DV of calcium and potassium with the creamer version containing slightly more of these nutrients.
  3. Allo is made primarily from hydrolyzed whey protein, very low in lactose content and is sweetened naturally with stevia.


If you feel Allo’s product line offers you that extra option and tool you need in your routine than I encourage you head over to their website where you can explore the product further and place an order.

Andy De Santis RD MPH