The Kaleigraphy Process – Transform YOUR Writing

Although my one on one work with clients remains the most rewarding aspect of my career, I can’t deny that my total writing output over the last 5 or so years has to be up there in terms of my proudest achievements as a health professional.

I consider Kaleigraphy a passion project of sorts that compliments my other business activities and allows me to share my passion for writing with generations both new and old.

I’ve worked with a number of wonderful dietitians and nutrition students thus far, and have been fortunate enough as well to mentor a talented young writer who has been acting in an intern capacity and producing exceptional skin health content (Kat Durston, you may recall!).

But what does the Kaleigraphy process really entail?

It may seem a bit abstract from the outside but I can assure you (and will demonstrate shortly) that it works.

The process entails all aspects of creating written work from topic determination to ultimately promoting the piece and I generally work with my clients on a minimum of two articles per cycle.

Step 1 – Determining A Topic

While this may sound an obvious starting point, there an infinite number of sub topics within any given individuals area of practice/passion and not all of them are necessarily worth writing about.

I have a strong understanding of the type of content that does well and when we discuss what YOU should be writing about, I bring that to the forefront.

There are also different broad themes in articles which include both reflective and scientific writing, both are uniquely valuable in their own way.

I consider blogs like a chapter of a book, where the book itself is your area of passion and each blog post represents an accumulation of knowledge towards that ultimate end.

Step 2 – Creating An Outline

Don’t worry, we aren’t just going to pick a topic and send you away.

The next phase in the process is the creation of an outline which will include sub-headings and expected word counts for each so that, when it comes time for you to write a draft, you will not be burdened by content organization and rather be placed in a situation where you essentially “fill in the blanks”.

I endeavour to teach my Kaleigraphy clients how to write in the most efficient and effective way possible so that both content quality and output are optimized.

Step 3- Draft Feedback

So we’ve arrived a topic and how to structure it – now it’s your time to SHINE.

You send me your first draft, and I work my magic providing light edits and extensive feedback on the work to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the piece itself and your writing style in general.

We optimize  the piece based on that feedback, and bring it live on YOUR website – and of course the goal is to carry forward those lessons to article #2.

But we aren’t done yet.

Step 4- Article Promotion

It’s very important for me that my Kaleigraphy client’s work gets in front of as many people as possible so I share the final product broadly across all my social media platforms and my newsletter.

You’ll have noticed if you follow me on Instagram that I regularly create graphics to support the writing of my clients, I take their work very seriously and treat it as if it was my own.

Here are some examples:

Ready To Get Writing? Let’s Chat

My hope is today’s article has offered you up a bit more of an insight into the Kaleigraphy process.

Feel free to reach out via my contact page or a call/text 647 886 2197 if you’d like to set up a time to discuss working together on your writing.

I’ve helped elevate many health professionals through this process, and I’d love for you to be the next one whether you are a student or long-time RD.

I’ve also recorded a 20-minute YouTube video with my Kaleigraphy intern Kat discussing the process and the value of writing to nutrition professionals, linked below.