All Things Skin Nutrition Feat. Kaleigraphy Kat

For those of you may have missed it, I’ve had the privilege of working with a very talented nutrition student by the name of Kat who has been operating as a sort of “Kaleigraphy Intern” and collaborating with me on a great deal of high level nutrition content with a heavy emphasis on nutrition for skin health.

Given the high degree of success of her work it only made sense to create a compilation post where you can access some of her most popular skin nutrition articles.

They are listed below, I hope you enjoy and benefit from them as much as everyone else has been.


Do Collagen Supplements Actually Work?

Eczema [Dermatitis]

Eczema & Diet – What Foods Can Help? [Dermatitis]


Diet For Psoriasis: What Foods To Eat & Avoid


Do Collagen Supplements Actually Work?


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