Strawberries Are Both Fashionable & Functional

I’m so thrilled to once again be partnering with the California Strawberry Commission on a fun new educational campaign. My long-time followers will know that I’ve written a number of strawberry-themed articles in the past, and I never turn down an opportunity to shine the spotlight on one of my

Optimize Your Health With California Strawberries

Let me start by unequivocally identifying that strawberries, both fresh and frozen, are one of my favourite fruits to enjoy year-round. I eat them most days of the week and it naturally brings me a great deal of joy in this challenging time to once again be working with The

3 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Strawberries

I’m once again thrilled to be partnering with the  California Strawberry Commission  and sharing some important information about strawberries from the state that grows more than anywhere else in the world – California. Fortunately for all parties involved, fresh strawberry season in California is robust and stretches from February until

The Health Benefits Of California Strawberries

It’s not every day that the California Strawberry Commission comes knocking on your door and offers you an opportunity to work with them to promote the consumption of what is, unarguably, one of the healthiest available for human consumption: California Strawberries. This is probably the most enjoyable article that I’ve

Ten Gut Healthy Foods That Are High In Soluble Fibre

With only weeks away until the launch of my latest book, The Easy 5-Ingredient Acid Reflux Cookbook, I continue to strive to share valuable content within the book’s sphere of influence. In that spirit, I want to use today’s article as an opportunity to discuss some dietary considerations in the world

The 7 Things That Make A Meal Romantic

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” —Alan D. Wolfelt What a coincidence it is then that the annual holiday of love that we celebrate on February 14th each year, was actually originally a feast celebrating a Saint by the name of Valentine. In fact, there is nothing coincidental

Chimp Treats: The Ultimate Ice Cream Alternative

As a registered dietitian, choosing brands to align with is far from monkey business. In fact, my longtime followers will be keenly aware of the fact that I rarely highlight or promote products on my social media page or website at all. But hey, when the shoe fits, you gotta

5 Brand New Kale-Inspired Summer Recipes

It’s fair to say that my love for kale is well known across the globe. Unfortunately, I lack the culinary skill to bring that love to life in a delicious and appealing way for you guys. I appreciate that not everyone is up for eating raw kale leaves like I

The 8 Nutrients That All Vegans Should Be Aware Of

I very frequently work with individuals who are either newly vegan/vegetarian or considering a conversion or partial to conversion to that dietary style. I honestly thoroughly enjoy working with this type of client because I acknowledge that eating more plant-based foods is a fundamental dietary strategy to improve health and